Year in review

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Year in review

About This Project

Its our yearly campaign where we want to share interesting insights about author's content with the author. It provides users with details about activity on their content and their network.

I led the design efforts of the campaign, I was responsible from conception to final implementation of the design.

Project Details

 Visual Design, Interaction Design, UI Development
 Dec '14 – Jan '15
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Design Process

At SlideShare we followed a mobile first approach as we have seen a huge shift towards users accessing slideshare on mobile. Also I tried to follow a maodular approach as the design would be diffferent for different users. Some may have a different data point displayed in a different manner. Also we had to provide relevant feedback as per the users information.

Insight » Information » Feedback

    Some data points to be added

  1. Mobile versus desktop usage
  2. View by sources
  3. Viewers by top region
  4. Average slides used by author
  5. Most popular content

We started the personalized year in review last year to highlight the users accomplishments in the last year and highlight them. We user to do a SlideShare general year review before that where we shared interesting insights about SlideShare data with users such as average slides used, top popular regions.

The personalized data added a touch of gamification as we were able to showcase certain users whose data have performed better that others, which kind of gave them bragging rights. People loved these insights and these were shared and tweeted by number of people.

This year we also had the added benefit of free analytics to all users where they can see additional data and see other interesting facts.

Scanty views for landing page
Mock for users with less views

Adding interaction details and key inputs for implementation

Design details on how the interaction pattern of elements

Adding design details to the mock

Mentioned the charts and other detail necessary information

More details about the implementation

Final design

Also as we modified voice and tone for different users; posiitive and cheerful for users that were in the spotlight and neutral for others. The entire messaging was reviewed and we added the suggestions by the LinkedIn voice and tone team.

Kept the visual theme near to LinkedIn keeping it professional and clean. Also it would allow user to focus on the insight and information and then drive the user about the suggestion by SlideShare.

Final design for year in review
Final design for year in review

Final email design

We have seen in our previous email campaigns that a simple more textual mail have a better CTR and open rates hence we used a very simple and clean design for the same. Also the mail needed to be responsive so that users on mobile version have a better viewing experience.

Email design for desktop version
Desktop view for year in review email

Responsive email  campaign foryear in review
Mobile view for year in review email


Will be sharing the final data soon...

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