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Slideshare responsive emails

SlideShare responsive emails

About This Project

We have seen a huge shift over years of people using our app on mobile devices. Although we have an mobile optimized web version but we primarily our mail were desktop optimized and experience over mobile was not optimized.

I worked with the design team in creation of the assets/components of the design. Also as most of our mails have similar componets such as content cards, user cards and other components we planned to implement it in such a way that components can be reused and creation of new emails is easy.

Project Details

 Visual Design, UI development
 Jan '12 – Aug '12


 The Goal

Ensure email are responsive on all major mobile devices and different mail apps. Increase CTR in the emails for mobile versions.

 The Result

We rigorously tested the emails in litmus as well as live testing. Also saw an increase in engagement in different mobile email clientxs

 The Idea

Create component that can be reused easily and create mails quickly and iterate on them regularly

 The Statistics

For weekly digest we noticed an increase of 5%-10% in adjusted CTR in A/B test with previous design. For contact digest the

Old design

Old design for weekly digest
Weekly digest old design

Weekly digest

Slideshare weekly digest desktop view
Weekly digest email in gmail desktop

Slideshare weekly digest mobile view
Weekly digest email in iphone mail app

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